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Top islands must visit in Vietnam

Con Dao

Vietnam has more than 4,000 different islands, contributing to the development of marine tourism stronger. Here are top islands must visit in Vietnam.

  1. Con Dao

Con Dao is hell on earth in the past, but now this is paradise between sea – captivated by its beauty and rare – 16 large and small islands gathered in space deep blue of the vast sky and sea. Around Con Dao is the beautiful beach, smooth green virgin forest, the same system of rich flora and fauna, such as inviting the footsteps explore nature. Travel Indochina Vietnam

Con Dao

Con Dao – source:

Con Dao unspoiled and beautiful with steep cliffs beside pristine beaches and emerald waters, lush forests, white sand beaches and is home to bow fish, dolphins, sea turtles and sea coral.

  1. Nam Du

Nam Du is a archipelago in Kien Giang province, about 60km from the mainland, consisting of about 21 small islands, including the Big Island (Cu Tron island) is the largest (approximately 14km2) with the highest peak, on which there is a lighthouse.

Fresh and clean water in Nam Du island

Fresh and clean water in Nam Du island – source:

Currently the fastest means to the island’s high-speed train from Rach Gia with travel time of about 3 hours, 1 day trip (except in heavy seas). In the morning, go to the boat from Rach Gia Nam Du and in the opposite direction. Halong bay junk

Journey of discovery Nam Du archipelago is simple short with climb up the lighthouse, perfect in views of the island’s beauty, watching the sunrise. Next is the hike to the beautiful beaches, learn about the life and activities of the people. Snorkeling and fish (on the island do not have this service, if you want you can bring your own and rent a boat dive to go).

  1. Ngoc Vung

Ngoc Vung island is located in Van Don, Quang Ninh, about 45 square kilometers wide. The reason for this name because the island is  legend, this ancient region has many rare species of pearl oysters, night glow entire airspace. Today, pearl farming here thrive.

Ngoc Vung Island

Ngoc Vung Island – source:

Fresh sea landscape, long sandy beaches smooth and peaceful space are the features of Ngoc Vung Island. To find a day spent among the rustic countryside and enjoy the salty taste of the sea, Ngoc Vung tourism is a compelling choice.

  1. Ly Son

Kingdom of garlic is one of the top islands in Vietnam once you arrive.

Ly Son Island

Ly Son Island – source:

Located about 30 km from the mainland, this island is not only famous for growing garlic, but also attracted many young visitors to explore because it hides a troubled beauty whose hard heart is no place to be. Famous landmarks and unique to the mountains jutting cases hold endless space of the heavens and the earth. let’s explore and conquer the highest peaks of the island to enjoy panoramic Ly Son Island with green space or watching the sea of garlic fields is really a giant picture wearing.

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