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Top places to visit in Hon Heo peninsula, Vietnam

Orchid Island

Hon Heo peninsula also known as Ha Phuoc Son, located south of Nha Phu lagoon town located in Ninh Hoa, Nha Trang how about 50km of road. Is high and rugged mountains bordering the bay 3 Van Phong and Nha Phu lagoon, Hon Heo, landscape, beautiful beaches and a former revolutionary base of Khanh Hoa People’s Army through two periods against France, anti-American. There are top places to visit in Hon Heo peninsula, Vietnam. Travel Indochina Vietnam

  1. Orchid Island

Perhaps as we learn about tourism in Nha Trang you were listening to the address mentioned Orchid Island resort. This is an eco-resort is located on Hon Heo peninsula, with an elevation of 700m. In the mountains there are many beautiful waterfalls. Among them, the highest waterfall in the most beautiful and 350m elevation has created a focal point for tourism destinations.

Orchid Island

Orchid Island – source:

Orchid Island residents are praising the cool air, peaceful, where unspoiled natural scenery gorgeous. More particularly, it has more than 100 species of orchids blooming year round, An Binh beach stretches along the banks of fine sand, golden sunshine; garden ostrich, deer, birds of the same services as recreation shooting paint, ostrich riding, riding, shooting the elephants, pythons, bears … promises to bring more visitors to experience exciting. Tours in Vietnam

  1. Tien Du Lake

Tien Du Lake is located at an altitude of over 310M compared to sea level. This is a significant project serves important economic and social development, water supply Ninh Thuy industrial zone of Van Phong economic zone, residential area in Ninh Long… here are near Mount Forest as primitive, near the sea, watching the plain, Tien Du indeed true that lake “hung” on the mountain.

Tien Du lake

Tien Du lake – source:

  1. Ganh Nhay

Ganh Nhay tourist area on the south 7km Doc Lech. Here, you can enjoy yourself with blue sea water and brings cool feeling and enjoy the fresh taste of the sea especially for the typical seafood such as lobster, snails her breast , moon snails, scallops.

Road to Ganh Nhay

Road to Ganh Nhay – source:

In particular, this is also a conservation area famous reef with coral carpet gorgeous and rich, you will experience snorkeling services with professional instructors.

  1. Ninh Van Commune

Coming to the island Ninh Van commune, like getting your precious gift from nature magnificent. One side is dark green space of the mountains, the sea is vast blue water, calm waves stretching to the horizon, nobody was fascinated by great landscape paintings in this place. The roof close together are surrounded by mountains and sea. The first impression when looking down from above stood sea village Ninh Van garlic fields are divided according to each small cell is very beautiful, the distance that the boat was put Hovers waves each.

 Ninh Van garlic fields

Ninh Van garlic fields – source:

Most residents of the island lived by fishing aquaculture, so make sure you will be more interesting to experience the simple life in this place. Ninh Van commune market visit in the early morning and together enjoy the bread soup bowl, fish noodles are hot girls, the mother skillfully processed here also is an experience not to be missed.

  1. Monuments of ship without number

Add an address can not be missed in Hon Heo peninsula is a national monument of 235. Monuments spacecraft attached to mirror this fight fearlessly, heroic sacrifice of Captain Nguyen Phan Vinh together officers and soldiers of the ship Captain Nguyen Phan Vinh 235. cited as hero of the people’s armed forces and was named Phan Vinh island.

Monuments of ship without number

Monuments of ship without number – source:

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