Top restaurant to buy delicious cha muc in Halong

Top restaurant buy delicious cha muc in Halong

Grilled squid Kim Lien

The specialty is the tourists in Halong is Grilled squid, sea with characteristic flavor, fried squid has contributed to attract visitors to the romantic city of Halong. Besides the delicious dishes can be enjoyed at Halong, guests can also choose something special to bring back as gifts for relatives and friends.Here are the top restaurant in Halong selling fried squid you should come to buy: Let’s explore with: Halong bay luxury cruise

If a visit to Ha Long, you do not look at the desk 60/1 Halong Market to buy their first or purchased as a gift a few kg rolls ink Kim Lien is a pity.

Grilled squid Kim Lien

Grilled squid Kim Lien -source: internet

Squid live in the sea, the sea of Vietnam looks like the place would also have. Song did not understand why many gourmet food for thought, only ink the Halong Bay is all the more delicious. They say, the aquatic life in the coral reefs, the sheltered bay of islands in the legs is often better than the same life where the ocean. So Saturday rolls made from Halong delicious squid is also obvious.

Seafood Hien Nhung

Seafood Hien Nhung

Seafood Hien Nhung -source: internet

As one of the seafood store presence earliest and biggest market in Ha Long, the time is also a seafood store carries distinct characteristics of the coastal city of Ha Long.

Especially traditional ink rolls of the time not only exceptional customer favorite, for much praise, but also the honor of the provinces and cities selected to attend the fair, introducing the culinary specialties Halong excellence and is ranked top 50 most delicious dishes Vietnam organized by the record definition record votes.

Grilled squid Nhung Hien

Grilled squid Nhung Hien -source: internet

Halong Market

The seafood here fresh and cheap. Especially in markets with rolls ink Halong – Halong famous specialties. Made from pure ink with secret spices separately, fried fried squid here in place should also always hot, fragrant, crispy.

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Halong Market

Halong Market -source: internet

Though it has no intention of buying but by smell the aroma of fried squid with fried’s hot, not a few people have to stop tasting and buy a few bags of gifts. The service for this dish are arranged into long range in the market. This is the unique market. Fried Calamari with fried dishes are sizzling, catches the very attractive aroma makes Diners hardly refuse to try once to remember forever.

Grilled squid Halong Market

Grilled squid Halong Market -source: internet

Grilled squid Kim Thoa Halong

Grilled squid Kim Thoa hand pounding Halong is famous culinary specialties at sea only Halong – Quang Ninh. This is not only tasty but also domestic tourists attractive to foreign tourists by taste chewy, crunchy and aromatic ink.

With traditional recipes unique, we have created an excellent seafood specialties of Halong. Hand prices Kim Thoa rolls are made entirely by hand, very sanitary, rolls pulverized patties by hand should still crispness and aroma of ink.

Grilled squid Hoai Phuong Halong

Grilled squid Hoai Phuong

Grilled squid Hoai Phuong- source: internet

Hoai Phuong Grilled squid cooked in a traditional method, flavor characteristics should you eat unmistakable duoc.Cha delicious squid fried squid is fried (fry up) is yellow. When ingested with aromatic sweetness on the nose, tongue and the days when chewing crunchy and chewy see. Grilled squid with fish sauce must be graded aggregates added little boiling water, add a little sprinkle pepper powder and not for seasoning. All other sauces are lost or difficult to feel the taste characteristics of ink rolls.

Now tourists to Halong many people looking to buy ink rolls as a gift. Seller will help you how to get ready for storage is about without damage to his house, though distant. They also tell you that, while eating fried remember again, frying oil, until very hot, because hot new food delicious fried squid. In particular, price shop hand rolls of stores also in the manual, how to preserve, how to cha ink has to be long that you eat the crispy and delicious just do. You go to one of the most delicious store which has tips for you to enjoy.

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