Top seafood you should try in Da Nang

Top seafood you should try in Da Nang

Steamed Chip Chip

After a long day of sightseeing, swimming, when afternoon comes, cool wind blowing from blue sea would soothe hot sun and make people feel comfortable to enjoy delicious seafood in Da Nang. Snail, roasted crab with tamarind, oyster porridge,… are the top seafood in must-try list. You can see more: Signature Cruises

Snails (Oc)

It must be recognized that snails in Da Nang are extremely rich and diverse, ranging from river snails to sea snails. Common types of sea snails are snails, Hut snail, Da snail, Huong snail… The snails after being cut and washed will be fried with coconut, citronella, chili until permeated spices. Snails are usually served with green papaya and banh trang (girdle cake).

snail in Danang

snail in Danang- source: internet

The sweet, salty sauce along with crunchiness and grease of the snails cause many people to salivate. Different types of snails in Da Nang price at 20,000 VND/ dish or more. On Le Duan Street, there are many good and cheap taverns.

Roasted crab with tamarind (cua rang me)

If you are a seafood fan you will definitely not be able to overlook famous roasted crab with tamarind sauce. The color of red brick crab is extremely eye-catching plus the smell from the dish attract travelers strongly. The delicious tamarind crab dish depends on tamarind sauce processing.

Roasted crab with tamarind sauce

Roasted crab with tamarind sauce- source: internet

Grilled squid with citronella (Muc nuong sa)

The fresh squid after being picked up will be washed and marinated directly and grilled on charcoal stove. This is a special kind of seafood that any gourmet would love. It is extremely aromatic plus the sweet crunchiness of squid combined with attractive spicy citronella. Watching yellow and smelling grilled squid on the stove, it’s hard to say no to this dish. Grilled squid prices at roughly 100,000 VND per dish. Halong Dragon Pearl Junk

Grilled squid

Grilled squid- source: internet

Steamed Chip Chip (Chip Chip Hap)

This is a tasty, cheap and extremely characteristic kind of seafood in Da Nang. Chip chips are usually steamed or boiled in the same way as clams. Enjoy the hot Chip Chip with lemon, pepper salt, visitors will feel the sweet, delicious taste of this dish. Chip chips are sold at any restaurant or coastal tavern. One Chip Chip dish costs from 30,000 to 50,000 VND.

Steamed Chip Chip

Steamed Chip Chip- source: internet

Oyster porridge (Chao hau)

If you are fed up with ordinary seafood dish, appetizing oyster porridge will certainly make you extremely satisfied. Oyster meat is marinated with fried onion, added tasty seasoning. Cooked from green beans, rice, sticky rice, this porridge is extremely delicious and nutritious. The price of a bowl of oyster porridge is about 60,000 VND, enough for about 2-3 people to eat. You can enjoy this porridge at any seafood restaurant in Da Nang.

Oyster porridge

Oyster porridge- source: internet

Grilled scallop with greased onions (So diep nuong mo hanh)

When you travel to Da Nang, you should not ignore tasting this delicious food. Scallop is sweet, soft, aromatic with greasy fired onion, fragrant peanuts would absolutely please your stomach. Grilled scallop with greased onion is popular in coastal taverns as well as in high-class restaurants. A dish of scallop costs about 70,000 – 100,000 VND.

Seafood hot pot (Lau hai san)

If you want to eat many types of seafood at the same time, seafood hot pot with shrimp, squid, fish… The fragrant smoke of this hot pot whirls up would mesmerize any picky tourist. The cook will skillfully spice up the hot pot with the blend of sour, spicy, sweet, salty flavor with chili, carrots, tomatoes, sesame, citronella, ginger,… This food deserves to be one of the top seafood you should try in Da Nang. Its average price is 80.000-100.000 VND for 2 or 3 people.

Seafood hot pot

Seafood hot pot- source: internet

Da Nang is a great tourist destination in summer not only due to magnificent beaches, but local food also give you memorable experience. If you are planning to visit Dang, do not forget to try top seafood recommended above.

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