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Tops destinations must visit in Can Gio, Vietnam

Monkey Island

Can Gio is a place where pure nature, was dubbed the “green oasis” of the city with pristine mangrove forests green. Can Gio has more of sediment, less room to shower but have extremely peaceful setting. Many young people are often looking for to unwind on holidays, weekends. Travel Indochina Vietnam

  1. Lam Vien Tourist Area

Lam Vien Tourist Area, also known as Monkey Island transfers from 400-500 visitors on normal days, while on the weekends the number of visitors increased from 1,000 to 1,500. Lam Vien monkeys at very seasoned, they are not afraid of people, but the opposite is sometimes tourists have to panic because the behavior “pretext” in broad daylight and the “intimate” excessive that many girls, they scared kid.

Monkey Island

Monkey Island – source:

From the initial few dozen, to date, nearly 2,000 islands monkey monkey types, there are some rare species. Monkey Island, you will be watching the adorable monkeys, enjoy the fresh air, cool the pristine ecosystem of mangrove forest.

  1. Can Gio beach
Can Gio beach

Can Gio beach – source:

Not noisy, busy as Vung Tau beach but Can Gio beach (30/4 sea) is still considered a familiar address of bathing tourists. You can enjoy fun on the water with friends and relatives in an atmosphere of freedom and tranquility. But the travel service here is quite deserted but the ideal destination for vacation tourism, keeps you away from the excitement inherent in the popular tourist area. South Vietnam travel packages

  1. Can Thanh town

Can Thanh town is quiet suburb of the city, just steps have seen here is another world, peaceful, peaceful, quiet. All natural fatigue worries melted away. Can Thanh town road lined and yellow flowers from the roadside trees messages. Flower season message, this road, no less beautiful romantic roads in Saigon at all.

Thanh An Island

Thanh An Island – source:

Want to go to the island sacred boat races take, starting from the town of Can Thanh, Can Gio, take a boat trip out to nearly 1 hours Thanh An Island. From Thanh An individual that continues to lose time on the boat, weaving between the police swathes along the estuary to reach the sacred isle. Long Island is a sacred isle from four surface water rivers, canals, is not known.

  1. Can Gio seafood

With love seafood you must have heard Can Gio seafood, tasty, fresh and cheap. At Thanh An, you can buy seafood but also attractive so even softer prices. Recently, a few households on the island open service seafood grill serving tourists, mostly octopus, squid and shrimp. Experience a day on weekends Thanh An island will bring you more comfortable feeling and comfort.

Fresh sea food in the market

Fresh sea food in the market – source:

No sacred national grid, the people here are mainly spent to generate solar power and production. However, electricity from solar energy are limited and only used in domestic, small production.

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