Travel to Cat Ba Island from Hanoi

Travel to Cat Ba Island from Hanoi

Get to Cat Ba from Tuan Chau by ferry

Cat Ba Island is one of the most attractive destinations in the north of Vietnam. Cat Ba in each season has its own beauty. So, no matter how the weather, hot or cold, summer or winter, Cat Ba annually welcomes many tourists inside and outside Vietnam. Cat Ba is about 150 km far from Hanoi. The most convenient way to get to Cat Ba is traveling by road or by railway to Hai Phong or Halong. Once you are in Hai Phong or Halong, you can transfer to Cat Ba by boat or ferry. Jasmine cruise halong bay

The beautiful scenery of Cat Ba

The beautiful scenery of Cat Ba -source: internet

From Hanoi to Cat Ba via Hai Phong

Traveling to Cat Bà from Hanoi via Hai Phong is chosen the most by tourists. The first option to get from Hanoi to Hai Phong is by Private car. The private car always the best option, especially when you travel with all members of your family with children because you will be more freedom and you can stop at any place you want. Besides, you can also save your time.

The second one is by bus. You can catch a bus at Luong Yen, My Dinh, and Gia Lam bus station. There are various buses from Hanoi to Hai Phong departing every hour. A ticket costs about $3. The ticket price will be changed in the peak season or holiday.

Catch a shutter bus at Gia Lam Bus Station

Catch a shutter bus at Gia Lam Bus Station -source: internet

The third one is by train. The train is chosen the most to get to Hai Phong due to its safe. And traveling by train, you do not have to suffer from car sick. Besides, you can enjoy the sceneries along the road through the window. Train from Long Bien (Hanoi) to Hai Phong cost is about $4. It takes about 2 and a half hour to get Hai Phong.

The final one is by motorbike – the favorite choice of young people. The road to Hai Phong is quite easy to go. Depend on the speed, you will get there after around 3 hours.

Traveling by motorbike

Traveling by motorbike -source: internet

When you are in Hai Phong, you have completed half the journey. The remaining half-way is going from Hai Phong to target destination – Cat Ba. In order to go from the mainland to Cat Ba Island, you have 3 choices of means which take a ferry or speedboat, then take the bus or hydrofoil. If you take the ferry from Hai Phong city, you move the Dinh Vu – Ninh Tiep ferry terminal. If you go by the speed boat or hydrofoil, you move to Binh ferry pier. tours to Indochina

Cat Ba Cruises

Cat Ba Cruises -source: internet

From Hai Phong city, you can reach Dinh Vu via Dinh Vu- Ninh Tiep and Ben Got- Cai Vieng by taxi, bus or private car and so on. Once you get Dinh Vu – Ninh Tiep, you buy a ferry ticket and get to Ben Got after 90 minutes. You take another ferry to reach Cai Vieng of Cat Ba Island which takes about 20 minutes. From here, you move 20 km more to get Cat Ba Island center. If you choose to travel to Cat Ba from Ben Binh, you can get there by speedboat or hydrofoil. Speedboat is much cheaper but slower than hydrofoil. Hydrofoil run really fast, so if you suffer seasick, it’s better for you to choose speedboat.

From Hanoi to Cat Ba via Halong

Get to Cat Ba from Tuan Chau by ferry

Get to Cat Ba from Tuan Chau by ferry -source: internet

Another option to get to Cat Ba from Hanoi is via Halong. You can get to Halong by private car, motorbike, bus or train just like Hai Phong. Tuan Chau is an island near Halong City, which is about 59 km away and it takes approximately an hour to get between the two. Tuan Chau – Cat Ba is the fastest ferry route which links Halong and Cat Ba Island. From Tuan Chau, you catch a ferry to Gia Luan pier, then catch a public bus or taxi to Cat Ba.

Although traveling to Cat Ba is tiring and time – consuming journey, once you get there, it’s worth everything that you put into it. You will be immersed yourself in the natural beauty and great atmosphere of Cat Ba Island.

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