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Travel to Ninh Thuan, a wonderful destination for April trip

Vinh Hy Bay

Ninh Thuan is probably the name is still too strange for those who love traveling. But try this once to see the land. Sure you’ll love! Binh Tien coastal road – Hy, Ca Na – Phan Rang … that’s just two of the coastal road you will see if the Ninh Thuan motorbike this summer. Imagine watching, drove on the streets teemed with, besides the white sand and blue sea, sunshine at the top – yet still experience more enjoyable? Indochina holidays Vietnam

  1. Vinh Hy Bay

1 in 4 is the most beautiful bays in Vietnam, Vinh Hy is fit in a small valley, with four surface is ocean, high mountains. Vinh Hy village fisherman is dreaming with major hospitality are the hallmarks of Vinh Hy Bay. Here, you can experience the glass bottom boat coral too.

Vinh Hy Bay

Vinh Hy Bay – source:

Vinh Hy Bay is the ideal destination for travelers interested in exploring the unspoiled natural landscape full of poetic. Three sides are green hills interspersed with limestone boulders surrounded bizarre shapes Hy embrace. Blue water, small waves ripple ripples soft like silk flutters.

  1. Ba Moi Grapes farm

Grapes are the specialty of Ninh Thuan. Try to look at the Ba Moi vineyards to be sipping grape sweetness of gardens on rigs. If you intend to visit Ba Moi vineyards, you can directly call the uncle Three, you’ll be hooked immediately with a warm voice, a style very hospitable, extremely enthusiastic pay only tell you about the way, the tour that you can choose from. Make sure that you will no longer have to fret anymore and trip planning will quickly and clearly.

Ba Moi Grapes farm

Ba Moi Grapes farm – source:

You will be completely free to visit, but always enthusiastic tour guides lead guests to visit. If you’re lucky you’ll be paying three and instructor led away strip you of care procedures Ba Moi, collection or processing of grapes and grape honey, wine.

  1. Nam Cuong sand hill

Nam Cuong sand hill has long been popular with travelers, and is becoming an indispensable destination travel on the journey to the land of sunshine Phan Rang – Ninh Thuan.

Nam Cuong sand hill

Nam Cuong sand hill – source:

Step up to the high sand hills, visitors will get an impressive sight when the full collection of all the most beautiful what brings Nangang. Four directions of Nangang is surrounded by mountains, sea, villages and rice fields, gardens, creating a unique tone for the artistic inspiration when visitors come to this land.

  1. Nui Chua

Nui Chua is a national conservation area certified. Here comes the immensely complex natural ecosystem, with series of rivers, lakes and rare flora and fauna.

Amazing scene in Nui Chua

Amazing scene in Nui Chua – source:

Some scientists have studied and argued that the dry forests of Mount God no less arid parts of Africa. Climate and environment identical semi-desert areas are common in Spain, Portugal or Algeria.

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