Traveling solo in Halong is not a bad idea

Traveling solo in Halong is not a bad idea

Halong Bay for adventure lovers

Being a huge trend among youths, traveling solo seems to be constantly increasing. Not only allowing you to have more freedom, traveling solo also gives you the opportunity to explore many hidden spots as well as connect with other people. Having many memories, many experiences to share and experiencing the most meaningful things you desire, solo travel is one of the best investments for yourself. Vietnam travel tours

After reading these five reasons to travel solo to Halong Bay, you will totally drop all worries and really enjoy yourself without feeling lonely if you are planning to travel solo to Halong Bay, but still find it uneasy to plan about your trip:

Reason 1: It is easy to get your visa

Traveling solo in Halong Bay

Traveling solo in Halong Bay-source: internet

Nowadays, the process of visa application in Vietnam is simpler than ever. You can receive an authentication letter within 24 hours by the consulate office by online booking attached with your photo and the application. In addition, if their stay time is less than thirty days, Asian citizens do not need a visa. You are ready to go after receiving your passport, that paper and all preparing your items.

Reason 2: A place with incredibly spectacular scenery

Incredible sceneries in Halong Bay

Incredible sceneries in Halong Bay-source: internet

“Where do I go?” is the first question of all foreign travelers who like to travel solo. You do not want to go to a place where you feel local and familiar is the truth. Thanks to the majestic beauty of its nature, Halong Bay is a stunning destination that will make you feel overwhelmed and immerse in natural charm. Besides top attractions in Halong Bay, the off the beaten track here is also what you should not skip. Dragon Pearl Junk halong

Reason 3: A worthy place to explore

Halong Bay for adventure lovers

Halong Bay for adventure lovers-source: internet

Plain sailing is just too perfect for those who are dynamic and young enough as well as want a bit of adventure in their journeys. On-board journey provide the greatest values with chilling out, getting into a variety of activities, traveling to multiple destinations, excellent foods and even much more. Enjoying all the awesome things will help you forget the feeling of being bored when traveling alone.

Reason 4: Booking a Halong Bay tour is easy

Booking Halong tour is easy

Booking Halong tour is easy-source: internet

Solo tourists can get many booking tour agencies book their trips. By streamlining online booking features for the highest rated cruises and connecting all cruise companies through one single system, updating availability daily, ensuring that the best room offers will be available in real time – all the time, these websites offer an intuitive approach to booking cruise tours in Halong Bay. Booking a cruise tour is now becoming much more enjoyable than it ever has been!

Reason 5: You will not be alone

You will not be alone in Halong

You will not be alone in Halong-source: internet

When you decide to travel alone, having new friends is just what happens. And experiencing a Halong Bay cruise is not an exception. You can always get a chance to meet visitors from other countries and different cultures when taking part in group tours and activities as well as having meal with others. Moreover, sharing the cabin/room on board with another solo traveler is also another way to make new friends. When having new friends who make you feel happy to talk to, share thoughts, hang out and discover the world, it is pretty cool. Yes, you are sharing the same boat with you!

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