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Trekking top mountains in Vietnam

Fansipan mountain

Climbing is conquering the heights of passion indispensable backpacker. Vietnam has many mountains for you if you want to trek the mountain.

  1. Fansipan

Fansipan mountain is located on Hoang Lien Son range is located in Sa Pa, Lao Cai.Tieng locally called Fansipan is HuaSiPan, meaning giant rocks protruding. Highest not only in Vietnam, Fansipan is being hailed as the roof of Indochina. Indochina tours in Vietnam

Fansipan mountain

Fansipan mountain – source:

Journey to Fansipan pretty tough with shallow rocky stream bed gravel, steep slopes, steep trails, boulders as big as a table upside. But also very interesting and romantic with ancient trees towering sight, dense bamboo forest, brilliant azalea space stained and stream bed.

  1. Ba Den mountain, Tay Ninh

Is the highest mountain in South-East (986 m), from Tay Ninh city 11 kilometers to the northeast, Ba Den Mountain attracted backpacker every weekend. From a distance, the imposing Ba Den mountain like a hat upside down between plain, half want to challenge, half as glamorous people who like to explore. Vietnam travel packages

Ba Den mountain

Ba Den mountain – source:

Local people whisper Ba Den mountain climbing sugar such as sugar pagoda, street power poles, water piper.  The higher the air is cool, up to the summit, panoramic views and a pristine area but poetic.

  1. Hong Linh Mountain

Hong Linh Mountain is named Nom Thousand Ru pink or pink, are mountains all 99 tops of Ha Tinh. In the mountain there are many caves, streams and a pond in the back of the mountains and foothills. Hong Linh has many streams but not deep, not great, but that water never runs out, four clear seasons.

Hong Linh mountain

Hong Linh mountain – source:

On the mountain there are hundreds pagodas, temples and shrines. Among them is the famous and ancient Huong Tich Pagoda, Chan Tien Pagoda, in association with Legendary horse saved footprints on a rock (first descended theory), Thien Tuong.

Road to Bidoup mountain

Road to Bidoup mountain – source:

Bidoup is the highest mountain in Nui Ba National Park, Lac Duong district, Lam Dong. You need skill and climbing jungle, equipped with the tools needed to conquer the peak 2.287m trip and itinerary suitable choice.

The journey lasts 2 days and 1 night, visitors turn to cross the virgin forests, where there are specific and ecosystem diversity; Endemic flora and fauna, rare as Mi Langbiang, disclosing yellow throat, vampire frogs, gibbons, splash, the two leaves, oak 3 buds, azalea Langbiang, the “family” wild boar, the rabbit timid, the bewildered deer forest, cute … After crossing the steep hills,  full of hardships, you can proudly set foot on the “roof” Highlands.

These mountains will not make you disappointed.

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