Unforgettable experiences in your trip at Co To Island

Unforgettable experiences in your trip at Co To Island

Cau My rock cliff

With many interesting activities and extremely pristine beauty, Co To Island attracts more and more tourists in sunny days of the summer. What also attracts travelers to this peaceful island is the color of sky harmonizing with the blue color of the sea. You can see more: Dragon Pearl Junk halong bay

Admiring incredible sunset on small Co To Island

Sunset on Co To Island

Sunset on Co To Island- source: internet

With white sands stretching around, small Co To Island, which has the most spectacular beaches of Co To archipelago, looks like a string of pearls wrapping around a beauty. In immense spaces of white sand and blue sea, you can see some outstanding rock cliffs. A trip to Co To Island in Northern Vietnam, which is covered by lovely wild flowers along with lush green forest, turquoise water and blue sky, are quite new. Popping in Co To Island, travelers will have a chance to be overwhelmed by the magnificent scenery when discovering the majestic nature, serene and pristine beauty, meet hospitable locals. Along with sounds of sea waves, stone fields of all colors and shapes all create a beautiful symphony.

At sunset, you can enjoy the attractive and untouched charm of Co To beach. At this time, the islands seem to be a postcard-like and mystic picture as all thing changes to orange color of the sun. Halong bay Pelican cruise

Taking beautiful sunrise photos from Cau My peak

Cau My rock cliff

Cau My rock cliff- source: internet

With blue and clean water, Cau My rock cliff is considered as the most pretty rock one on this island. Coming to Co To Island in sunny days, you will definitely see Cau My rocks become more and more ancient with blue color of the beautiful sky. The waves lap against the shore with strange, odd and magnificent rock shape and white foam. As sunrise is the best time to contemplate the mystic beauty of the sea and the reach charm of dawn on the island with pristine early lights of a new day, most visitors travelling to Co To Island, often take sunrise time for Cau My. Of course, once coming there, a great chance to take some beautiful sunrise photos in the area is a must.

Going swimming on Hong Van Beach whose sea water has jade green color

Hong Van beach

Hong Van beach- source: internet

Visiting Co To Island in summer, you will have definitely enjoy fresh air, contemplate the impressive sunset, learn more about the local fishermen and their diverse marine life on the island, which is also the convergence of various kinds of fauna and flora. When traveling there, don’t miss to go swimming at Co To Beach. You can taste delicious and fresh seafood after immersing in the cool turquoise water. Despite having primitive and attractive beauty, Co To gives couples, domestic and foreign travelers romance and happiness.

Located at the east of Co To Island, Hong Van is a beautiful beach with peaceful waves, soft white sand and very clean sea water. Having deep water and strong flowers, Hong Van beach is one of the most wonderful places to admire dawn. Around the simple island in 10 kilometers, there are some no name beaches stretching. Swimming experience in Hong Van beach which always attracts travelers with complicated harmonization of nature and primitive beauty is the best chance in your Co To trip.

Admiring panoramic view of Co To Island from Co To Lighthouse in sunny days

Hai Dang lighthouse

Hai Dang lighthouse- source: internet

Situated on 101meter peak of the island, Co To lighthouse is where visitors can enjoy stunning panoramic view of awesome scenery of the island with primitive and peaceful beaches. As standing at the middle of a mountain on the island, the lighthouse may have one of the most stunning views. Thus, pretty island, mountain and blue sea show up in your eyes.

Selfie in primitive coppice forest in blooming flower season

In addition to participating in some interesting games, sampling delicious grilled food contemplating blue sea, wallowing into white sand and contemplating blue sea, travelers coming to Co To Island can also visit primitive coppice forest in its blooming flower season. Here, you can certainly have beautiful and unique pictures. April since tourism activities in the island become more bustle, is the blooming flower season in Co To forest.

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