Vietnam- the real paradise for photography

Vietnam- the real paradise for photography

The floating market in Mekong Delta
Are you wondering why I did give this name for Vietnam? Someone said me that: “a landscape photographer should be an experienced traveler”! It’s definitely true because behind photos that you have taken, it is a story about your journey, about the people you meet. All of them have an own culture and own colors. If you are a professional photographer or even you’re quiet fond of taking nice photos, don’t stop travelling. Once you keep traveling, you will have more “masterpieces” of photo art. That’s why today, I’m here to recommend you some places for photography that you’re gonna be surprised about landscapes. If you have chance to visit, after your journey, I’m sure an album with more hundreds of great photos taken by you is possible. Alova Gold cruise halong bay

  1. Sapa- The magical mountainous area in the South

To help you have an overall look about Vietnam, I would like introduce about some amazing destinations for photography from the South to The North. First of all, Sapa is the place you should visit if you want to contemplate the mountainous charm. Especially if you find enjoyable about backpacking tourism, you will be brought to less-touristy places with untouched, spectacular waterfall, boundless green rice paddy field and the costumes of some ethnic people here. That’s why many locals and foreigner tourists pick Sapa as a part of any visits to the Northern region of Vietnam because it’s not only a place you can to enjoy the cool climate but also can diverse the local culture. In summer, Sapa weather is portrayed by cool and fresh atmosphere. You will enjoy a foggy town with four seasons in a day with a lot of moutains surrounded by clouds

By taking some photos, a Sapa with a lot of terraced fields, ethnic children in their costumes as a wonderful perspective and new look about a new land you’ve never seen before.

The heaven of terraced field

The heaven of terraced field- source: internet

  1. Halong Bay

Located to the Northeast of Vietnam, Halong Bay is a well-known place for both professional and self-taught photographer. The incredible bay of 3000 islands of limestone karsts rising from the crystal calm water is truly a paradise for those who are looking for unique photo shoots of landscape and seascape. Halong Bay is perfectly beautiful as a gorgeous natural present, the only you need to do is choosing the right place and the right time to take your pictures. The best time for photography in a year is from March to Jun and October to December when the climate is so pleasant. Although in May and June, the weather is quite hot and it makes the photo hunting not very comfortable, you can discover the hidden charm of some caves. In contrast, October to early December is in the winter, when it starts cold, but the sky is blue and clear with crystal sea, a pure backdrop for photos.

Halong Bay with numerous islands is really a lost land for photographers. Any corner of the bay offers a unique photo shoot, however, there are some special spaces allowing photographers to find best shot and inspire them the most. Some high places for panoramic view for panorama photos are must-visit for photographers including mounts of some mountains that are accessible such as Bai Tho mountain (Poem Mount). During a day, you can catch the beautiful moment of Halong bay anytime, but the most preferable time is sunrise and sunset. If you want to take some photo of local people and capture the spirit on the waters, some fishing villages such as Vung Vieng and Van Gia villages are perfect for you. If you don’t want to have too many tourists in your lens, find some less popular and authentic floating villages to visit to learn the local life and take photos. Halong bay Violet cruise

The sunrise on Halong Bay

The sunrise on Halong Bay- source: internet

  1. The Old Quarter- The heart of the capital city

Personally, I fell in love immediately with small streets, small houses and were built very close to others when the first time I set foot on the Old Quarter and it has been the most interesting experience of 6 years living here. The Old Quarter is also the inspiration of numerous writers, poets, and painters, and one of the most attractive destinations in Hanoi. If you’re looking for some places to take photos, don’t afraid of this. Indochina Voyages have a professional team who are able to bring you essential places where we can get great pictures of Hanoi such as the cathedral, the old bridge, a market, and the French quarter. The visual images are everywhere. You can find a cup of coffee and let the photo subjects come to you or you can walk the street, which I did, and find yourself overwhelmed.

The Old Quart- where the old charm are kept forever

The Old Quart- where the old charm are kept forever- source: internet

  1. Dong Van plateau- the beauty of stones

Located in the border area of the country, Dong Van rock plateau in Ha Giang is one of the most majestic landscape in Vietnam. The plateau has gathered the wonderful natural sceneries which have diverse scientific value and contain the special cultural traits of ethnic communities in Vietnam

Coming to Dong Van, don’t miss visiting Ma Pi Leng- as one of the most beautiful places to overview the scene in Vietnam. When standing on the top of Ma Pi Leng, you will be filled with emotion when witnessing a colorful border plateau as a vivid picture, a masterpiece that nature bestowed the rocky highlands of Ha Giang.

The ideal place to take a photo

The ideal place to take a photo- source: internet

  1. Mekong Delta- a peek at local life and charm of river trip

Leave Vietnam without visiting and taking some photos about the Mekong Delta located in Southern will be your mistake. Although it is an hour out of Saigon, the Mekong Delta is worth the journey. You will be actually pleasantly surprised due to its unique charm.  You are able to see how some people use the Mekong as a way to survive. Going on the long boats through the coconut groves was the highlight for this day trip or going to a real floating market to enjoy real countryside lifestyle of Mekong Delta people in Vietnam. Besides, the visit to the local Coconut farm and see how the processing fruit is treated in the old-age way to separate oil, flesh and husk to be used in variously in coconut oil, coconut matting and coconut candy is a great ideal to help you understand deeply and keep those by talking photos of this process.

The floating market in Mekong Delta

The floating market in Mekong Delta- source: internet

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