What is the most favorite food in Halong?

What is the most favorite food in Halong?

Halong Bay Oyster food full of nutrition

As we all know that Halong is extremely famous about its stunning natural beauty as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And favoured by the Mother Nature, Halong is also famous for its variety of fresh and delicious seafood specialties such as crabs, prawns, squids and snails. For any travelers, coming to Halong Bay without feasting on some delicious foods is just a big waste. Nonetheless, do you know what the most food in Halong is for your trip? The followings below are the real answer recommended from most of the experienced travelers, who have ever got to Halong and always feel wonderful at anytime the name Halong is mentioned. Jasmine cruise halong bay

The natural beauty of Halong bay

The natural beauty of Halong bay- source: internet

Squid Ball – Squid Cake

Halong Squid Ball is well known not only for Vietnamese but also for international travelers around the world. With this food, the main ingredient is, of course, squid. But there is not any kind of squid that can make the dish as wonderful as Halong Bay’s freshly caught squid. The dish, therefore, will get the sharp and appealing strong taste. The crunchy yet chewy texture, juicy taste and attractive aroma of Squid Ball go quite well with boiled rice, sticky rice.

Halong Squid Ball

Halong Squid Ball- source: internet


Traveling any random snail restaurant or street shop in Halong City, gourmets might be surprised at a very long list of different exotic snails there. Each species really possesses distinctive appearance and a very distinctive flavor. Good shops for snail can be found at Vuon Dao road, Bai Chay ward or in Hon Gai area, where not only snail but various types of fresh and cheap seafoods are often available to sell.

Delicious Snails dishes in Halong

Delicious Snails dishes in Halong- source: internet

Prawn and Lobster

With good environment, Halong is living home of many different kinds of prawn, lobster, white pearl shrimp, or tiger shrimp. However, the most valuable and most delicious ones are prawn and lobster. There are two favourite popular methods of prawn or lobster processing, steaming and breaded frying. Because people love to enjoy the natural taste it provides, so steaming with using additional ingredients like beer or tubers lemongrass to remove the fishy smell is more preferable. Signature Cruise halong bay

Fantastic Prawn food in Halong

Fantastic Prawn food in Halong- source: internet


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