Where to go to complete your Halong Bay holiday

Where to go to complete your Halong Bay holiday

Ba Mun Island (Đảo Ba Mùn)
Thanks to its proximity to international gateways, cultural and historical connections, abundant scenic beauty, geological and archeological significance, Halong Bay, which is one of Mother Earth’s most amazing natural wonders, is one of Vietnam’s most prized treasures and one of Vietnam’s most popular places to go. Jasmine cruise halong

  1. Cong Tay Island (Đảo Cống Tây)
Cong Tay island

Cong Tay island- source: internet

Cong Tay Island is the first one when it comes to Halong Bay attractions. It takes nearly 90 minutes by cruises and ships or 30 minutes by speedboat to go from Cam Pha (Cẩm Phả) to Cong Tay Island, which is a part of the tour around Ngoc Vung (Ngọc Vừng) Island.

This island attracts travelers for a scenic setting of lime-stone mountains and green forest. Also, with the beautiful scenery and quiet atmosphere of the nature, the beach is a highlight of the island. In order to attract more tourists, the infrastructure on this island, including port, guesthouses and restaurant has been enormously invested.

In reality, this island is still untouched and undiscovered by the extensive tourism. It is the simplicity with a convenient hotel system, which lies along the beach in front of this island and is equipped with restaurants, is the beauty of Cong Tay Island. Along the beach, you can see hammocks which are readily hanged under the trees, creating an ideal spot to enjoy the sea and have relaxing time while reading some favorite books. Coming here, you will certainly get lost in such a strange peaceful landscape and enjoy a relaxation at its best. you can read more: Paradise cruise halong bay

  1. Dau Be Island (Đảo Đầu Bê)
Dau Be Island (Đảo Đầu Bê)

Dau Be Island (Đảo Đầu Bê)- source: internet

Covering the area of nearly 23000 m2 with the highest peak of about 139 meters, Dau Be Island, which is situated in Halong Bay’s southeast, attracts travelers for the steep island cliffs standing like the walls helping shield this island from the waves from the east into the Gulf.

Being famous for Ba Ham (Ba Hầm) Lake, Dau Be Island has been a popular destination among other Halong Bay attractions. Actually, Ba Ham Lake comprises three main ocean basins that are connected to each other via a meandering narrow cave. Within the cave, the stalactites which hang down from the cave’s ceiling create strange shapes and sizes. Furthermore, there are some species of palm trees, orchids and banyans on the island, which is also home to various types of flying squirrels, golden monkeys, birds and bats. Living under the blue water is a variety of marine species. So, Dau Be Island is an ideal choice for those who want to discover something more adventurous like steep cliffs.

  1. Ba Mun Island (Đảo Ba Mùn)
Ba Mun Island (Đảo Ba Mùn)

Ba Mun Island (Đảo Ba Mùn)- source: internet

Lying parallel to Quan Lan (Quan Lạn) Island, Ba Mun Island, which is also called as High Island Block, which is approximately 15 km from the sea shore, is one of the natural Halong Bay attractions. This island, which covers a total area of 1800 hectares with more than 20 km long, stretching from east to west, is narrow in width. The highest one here is the Mandarin mount (Quýt Mountain in Vietnamese), which is about 397m in height. It will definitely be an interesting experience discovering the diversified flora and fauna on this island.

On the other side of the coin, this island is the only one to have primeval forests in Halong Bay, aside from other various rare kinds of timber, such as Tau Timber (gỗ Táu), Dinh Timber (gỗ Đinh), Sen Timber (gỗ Sến) and Lim timber (gỗ Lim), which are plants developing a large circumference for a long time here. Ba Mun Island is also the place where a lot of rare animals like migratory birds, antelope, langurs, deer, monkeys and sea birds are being well protected.

  1. Cong Do Island (Đảo Cống Đỏ)
Cong Do Island (Đảo Cống Đỏ)

Cong Do Island (Đảo Cống Đỏ)- source: internet

On the south east side of Halong Bay, Cong Do is in Bai Tu Long Bay, about 25 km from Bai Chay Wharf. Covering over 23 square meters with the highest peak of about 172m, this area was recognized as the World Heritage. This island features many lagoons, which are home to a lot of species of sea-life, like shrimp, fish, crabs, aquatic plants and an incredible wide coral reef displaying great colors. 700 meters in length and over 300 meters in width, the coral reef ecosystem of Cong Do Island is well preserved nearly undamaged.

Thanks to the scenic backdrop of the green forest, lime stone mountains, and lush, this island is outstanding among so many other attractions in Halong Bay. With natural beauty and serene surroundings, the beach is another amazing point of this island. A lot of guesthouses, restaurants and ports are developed in Cong Tay Island to professionally cater for travelers. Without the need of biological knowledge, you still can easily find the ecosystem here especially diverse.

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