Yen Duc villages travel guide

Yen Duc villages travel guide

Visitors own trap used to catch fish

Coming to Yen Duc village tourism, visitors are enjoying a space imbued with cultural identity typical of a northern village and quiet tranquility, is to explore the cultural relics, famous historical such as: Mountain Watch, Top 73, Huong Canh temple. For more information, you can click: Dragon Pearl Junk halong

Yen Duc village Space

Yen Duc village Space -source: internet

Visitors can “reincarnation” of the real farmers: Grind rice, pounding rice, poultry own trap fish face, holding a hoe to cultivate or harvest themselves lush vegetable garden beds … In addition, guests also enjoy much smoother folk elements of the Northern Plains, see water puppetry and engage in other folk games.

Tourists watching water puppetry

Tourists watching water puppetry -source: internet

More particularly, to this village, travelers can sign up at the house is designed very unique building, modeled after the traditional houses of rural Vietnam with the brick red and solid wood pillars, inside full living facilities meet the high demand of tourists.  The interesting thing is that you will be guided by the real farmers in Yen Duc. In the joy of self-discovery and experience something completely new, you will be sharing experiences, stories on the sidelines of the agricultural work. A new perspective, closer to rural life and the honest people honest so evident through the brittle smile, gentle, life stories are often witty. Halong Dragon Pearl cruise

Visitors to harvest the farm produce in the garden

Visitors to harvest the farm produce in the garden -source: internet

Strolling around the village, the most interesting is enjoy yourself cycling fresh air, inhaling the odor of new rice, crossing paths straight line or frown crept across the small lane just enough to fit a bicycle.

Visitors stroll around the village

Visitors stroll around the village -source: internet

Perhaps the experience that visitors like the most foreign visitors in Germany which is engaged Yen upside own trap fishing, this work is only for those quick eyes, quick hands and is not afraid of mud, afraid to get dirty. Guests after equipped with protective clothing and gear to catch fish will be swimming down a shallow lake (in rural areas or called “pond”) was released fish available. Actions need eyes to see the fish between mud and water, the fish quickly to face and should be fit to lift the fish out of the script. Úp own trap, fishing is indeed an experience filled with laughter and delight.

Visitors own trap used to catch fish

Visitors own trap used to catch fish -source: internet

At night, the journey to explore the village and experience the fun has ended, guests will enjoy an outdoor buffee chalets on site, between nature, under the approval of areca and cultural exchange in the guitar sound St. pounding guitar.

Along with natural beauty, rich culture and unique geographical location combined with favorable traffic route Halong – Hanoi, Yen Duc village promising tourist destination, offering many unforgettable experience travelers.

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